A Silicon Valley phenom — investing in extraordinary talent advancing human progress — shares her decision to pursue reproductive agency.

Investor   |  30   |   Dating  |   San Francisco

Why did you freeze your eggs?

There’s a world where I’d like to have biological children but I’m not 100% sure. I want the level of freedom to be able to choose and I  know from my research that as you get older the quality of eggs declines, and I want to preserve that option for myself. I approach my love life with a little more freedom & flexibility now.

What did you learn about yourself through the process?

Going through the egg freezing journey taught me so much about my body & reproductive health. We know so little about our bodies and it got me much more interested in better understanding my own physiology and how my hormones affect me.

"I’m excited for more people to learn about egg freezing and a broader sense of what makes up who we are as women.

What was the highlight of your Lilia experience?

Lilia gave me so much peace of mind, and made the whole thing more affordable. I asked SO many questions of the Lilia team, and being able to get immediate, instant responses and connect to my doctor when I needed without me having to coordinate a bunch of logistics for me was the THE best part.

Advice for women thinking about egg freezing?

If you’re thinking about it today, and if you think you’ll be thinking about it a year from now, but you also know you probably will not be conceiving naturally in the next year or so, then better to do it sooner than later. Your future self with hopefully thank you.

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