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Fertility Concierge

Save ~45 hours of researching clinic stats, emailing admins, and calling insurance by outsourcing it to Lilia.
Cost quote by clinic based on your insurance
Human support so you’re not navigating alone
Convenient fertility testing & results review
Compare provider stats and reviews
Or, Pay as you go
What do you want to do today?
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Cost and insurance report
Save an afternoon on hold while we research your insurance coverage and costs by clinic
Get cost quotes
I want fast, reliable answers
1-1 call with expert
Answer every question you’ve been Googling over a 20 min call with non-medical expert
Book expert call
I want to know my fertility baseline
Fertility assessment
Fertility blood test at local lab - skip needing a referral. Review results with a specialist.
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I want to pick a good provider
Compare clinics & doctors
Compare clinic stats, see vetted providers, read reviews to avoid bad doctors & optimize results
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Lilia’s a no-brainer if:

You’re busy AF and don’t want to research for days
You hate the Google rabbit hole & want reliable answers
You care about convenience &  avoiding bad doctors

93% of customers refer a friend

“Without Lilia, I might have waited until it was too late.”
Christiana, 33, Realtor