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  • What happens when I buy the Fertility Assessment Booking?
    The Fertility Assessment Booking allows you to be referred to a clinic for bloodwork, an ultrasound, and a consultation. You’ll fill out your preferences upon checkout, and we'll send you a confirmation email. Then, we'll follow up with your appointment time at the clinic that fits your preferences!
  • Can I buy the Fertility Assessment then upgrade to Concierge for the same price?
    Yes! If you purchase the Fertility Health Assessment Booking, you can upgrade to Concierge at any time and simply pay the difference. Getting the Fertility Health Assessment Booking is an easy first step for you to learn more info about your body and your costs.
  • What's the benefit of purchasing the Concierge Service over the assessment?
    The Concierge Service not only allows you to have a one-on-one with a doctor but offers personalized options on your timeline and next steps. Concierge is best if you want to get the full picture on the best doctors, clinics, and next steps for you.
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