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How much does Lilia cost?

$485 USD gives you access to us for the year.
Almost everyone makes their decision & completes their journey within this time.

Is Lilia an egg freezing clinic?

No ma’am, but we do get you member-only discounts worth between $500-2000 with egg freezing clinics. 
We gather all the data you need to make a decision, then we make sure your experience is 🔥

What if I don’t like the clinic or doctor I pick?

We’ll book you in with another one. That’s the point -- ensure you have the best experience possible.

Can’t I do this without Lilia?

Sort of, but not really.

1. Our data on clinics and doctors isn’t available anywhere else.
2. If you’d rather spend your time and energy Googling, calling, and searching for reviews then Lilia’s not for you. We’re also a waste of money if you don’t really care about vetting clinic and doctor quality.

What if I don’t live in the United States or Canada?

Right now we’re experts in Toronto and San Francisco. Expanding hella fast though.

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