A financier turned founder shares her journey securing embryos with her husband and how it impacted their marriage.

Founder  |  29  |  Married  |  San Francisco

Why did you freeze embryos?

Feeling like I needed to have kids right now was putting too much pressure on me and my husband. So we froze embryos to give us both the time to truly pursue our dreams. And I I feel quite liberated to be honest. I don’t feel rushed to make a decision on whether to conceive right now.

What do you wish more women know about embryo freezing?

If you’re from a culture where your family gives you pressure about getting married and having kids, like I am, egg or embryo freezing takes all the pressure off. You don’t have to force yourself to stay in a bad relationship or a bad job to save money to raise kids by a certain age.

"This gives you freedom. You dont have to worry about your parents chasing you for grandkids.

What was the highlight of your Lilia experience?

Lilia helped me get on the schedule with the best doctor possible, and when it's over the care doesn't stop right there like other clinics - Lilia kept checking in on me.  I had soo many questions along the way and I could just text and receive a response almost right away. When does that ever happen in healthcare?

Advice for women thinking about egg freezing?

I was blocked by the cost at first, but if you really think about your future stream of income, and the net present value of that, this is a good tradeoff. It just feels so liberating and has such a psychological impact.

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