More convenient and affordable egg freezing

Lilia makes the end-to-end process feel fast and easy, working with top egg freezing doctors and saving you thousands.

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You say yes,
we take care of the rest

The decision to start can feel hard enough. You say when, and we get the ball going for you.

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Pre-vetted providers

We did the research for you on where to go and what to ask for.

Transparent pricing

One fee covers everything. Meds are included. No surprise fees.

Start on your schedule

Start in days, not months. We work on your schedule as much as possible.

This is about freedom.

Egg securing is an act of self care. You’re not behind, you’ve not failed at anything. This is about optionality. Because optionality is freedom. And freedom is everything.

Why is Lilia more affordable?

‍We negotiate preferred pricing with top providers and pass on the savings to you. The most common way this process gets expensive is having unused meds at the end. We order just the right amount of meds for you as you go, reducing your costs while ensuring great care.

Standard clinic
With Lilia partners
Medications included!
$10,500 if NYC
+$1,000 if over 35 or have low reserve

What to expect

Here’s a rough sketch on what timing might look like. Subject to change, of course!

How to start


Pick a convenient
2 week period

Just pick the best time instead of waiting for your period.


We’ll liaison with the clinic

Get fast-tracked to your baseline testing and kickoff consult.


And handle your initial scheduling

Initial appointments booked for you, meds arrive days before starting.

About Lilia. For women by women.

It started with Alyssa, our founder, freezing her eggs at 29. It took the pressure off and gave her more control in dating and career.

We’re a Y Combinator backed company, have helped hundreds of women, and froze our own eggs with the providers we recommend More.

What real customers say

When done early, egg freezing is the best option for keeping your reproductive options open. We could all use more time and less pressure.

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"Freedom, empowerment, ease. The emotional support was a godsend.

Without Lilia, I probably would have put this off for 3 more years and would’ve missed my opportunity to get a good number of quality eggs.

My biggest goal in life is to be a mother and I didn’t want to risk not being able to do that in my lifetime.

Meg  |  Dating  |  28

Image of EMily

“Best part about Lilia was lower costs, but also having a 3rd party advocate I trusted.

This is a very unknown process and Lilia has made this experience much warmer and smoother.

Also, having a reduced cost upfront and the opportunity to go through this with other like-minded strong women.”

Emily  |  In a relationship  |  27

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“I was putting egg freezing off for 2 yrs. Lilia made it so easy to just do it”

I probably would never have frozen my eggs without Lilia. I'm a chronic procrastinator, especially with anything health- or doctor- related.

Lilia gave me a way to do it in a month with everything planned for me.

Jin Good |  In a relationship  |  27

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Advised by the top fertility doctor in the US

Dr Roohi Jeelani

Dr. Roohi Jeelani, MD, FACOG

Lilia Chief Medical Advisor

Highest number of retrievals in the country

Selected from over 400 fertility doctors

Highly rated doctor to celebs

What actual customers say

"Lilia got me in with best doctor possible and I could just text to get responses right away.

Vickie  |  Married  |  29

Read Vickie's story >

“Lilia gave me so much peace of mind, and made the whole thing more affordable.

Minn  |  Dating  |  30

Read Minn's story >

“I was putting egg freezing off for 2 yrs. Lilia gave me the push and support to finally do it.

Priyanka |  Single  |  34

Read Priyanka's story >


How’d you make it so inexpensive and fast?
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We spent two years investigating cost drivers and learned that higher prices do *not* mean better quality in this world, even though some clinics want you to think that.

Often egg freezers get shoved into the IVF process for the sake of convenience, leading to all kinds of extraneous process, delays, and testing - all driving up cost and time. But by focusing just on egg and embryo freezers, we can build a streamlined and efficient experience just for you.

We've built software to streamline process and save time where you can without impacting medical outcomes, and pass those savings directly on to you. Scientifically, it's the exact same process, procedure, and protocol you'd do at an IVF clinic.

We’ve filtered for the best doctors, embryologists, and labs to ensure excellent care. We even froze our own eggs under this new model

What should I expect from the egg freezing process?
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The whole process is about ~14-16 days. During this time you'll give yourself hormone injections (you grab your tummy fat & give it a poke) that tell your body to release more eggs than usual.

This does NOT affect your ovarian reserve, because these were eggs that would’ve died in your cycle anyway.

You'll have ~4 appointments total during these ~14 days. One for initial testing, about 3 to monitor (with bloodwork & ultrasound) how your eggs are developing, and one for the egg retrieval.

You can work as usual; the only day you’ll want off work is retrieval day.For egg retrieval, you’ll be lightly sedated as the fertility doctor goes through your vagina to your ovaries with a scope to vacuum out the eggs.

Can I use my insurance for this?
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Maybe, if you have Carrot. Otherwise probably not.

To make egg freezing nearly half the normal price, we have to reduce staff overhead, so for now this means excluding billing staff who set up & submit insurance claims.You might be able to get your screening blood tests (blood count, blood type, STD) covered.

Learn more
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We have a full FAQ here!

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