One step at a time
1.      Learn Egg Freezing 101
For 10-14 days you’ll use hormones to grow your eggs. Then they’ll be retrieved in a 15 min procedure.
You’ll take procedure day off, and most likely be back on your feet the next day.
You’ll want to budget $10,000-15,000. It ain’t cheap, but can be very worth it. Many clinics offer financing plans.
Success rates
Studies say freezing 15-20 eggs earlier than 35 has a predicted 90% success rate. You can calculate your chances based on age and fertility test results.
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Alyssa froze her eggs at 29, has coached hundreds of women, knows where to go, and has devoured all the science.
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2.      Get Fertility Testing
1. Age best predicts egg quality
Two factors impact fertility: egg quality and quantity. Quantity can be tested for, but age best predicts quality.

2. AMH test tells you quantity
Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is released by egg-carrying follicles in the ovary. Higher AMH usually means more follicles.
Blood test done at local lab & often insurance-covered
3. Virtual consult helps interpret results
With AMH results in hand, talk to a fertility doctor about what they mean for egg freezing and your options.
Understand your body
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3.     Understand Costs & Coverage
1. Check insurance coverage
Call your insurance company (and prepare to wait on hold or call a few times) to check what and where your coverage might cover.
2. Budget $10,000-15,000
Getting an assessment is about $600. Procedure and meds are $10-15k. Yearly storage is about $600 per year.
Good news: There are financing options
3. Compare clinics to save
You can often find savings by comparing clinics. Lilia members get exclusive savings of up to $1000 from some clinics.
Know costs & look for savings
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4.      Pick My Doc & Clinic
1. Read reviews
The doctor you choose can have an impact on your outcomes and entire experience, so fit matters. 

2. Compare clinic metrics
Not all clinics are made equal. You want to evaluate success rates, vibe, and experience to find the right fit.
3. Interview a couple doctors
Chat with a couple doctors so you can start the process with lots of trust. A doctor can make or break the experience.
Find a doctor & clinic you trust
Compare doctors and clinics today.
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