Hey, I'm Alyssa.
I was sick of doing the dating math...
Founder & CEO of Lilia
After a decade-long relationship came to an end, and I saw my step-mom go through menopause at 36, fertility was suddenly on my radar.

I was in a new relationship, and realized we weren't aligned on our timeline to kids. So I started doing the dating math... if I needed to have kids by the time I'm 35 then I'd need to be with the right partner... yesterday.

Securing my eggs was the best way to gain some freedom from my ticking biological clock.
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Alyssa threw the
World’s First Egg Freezing Celebration
When Alyssa froze her eggs at 29, she felt powerful, relieved, and free! So she threw a big party and called it a Sparkling Soirée. Why should only pregnant and engaged people get all the parties?
Ignorance is not bliss.
We believe in options, not ultimatums.

Time to shed society’s “shoulds” and start doing whatever you want. Stay single. Get married. Work more. Work less. Travel the world. Keep your options open. Break up. Start over.

Information + optionality = freedom.
JOIN THE COMMUNITY OF women doing whatever the hell they want.
You’re a woman if you say you’re a woman

While Lilia’s tests only work for people with ovaries, we recognize, love, and support anyone who identifies as a woman
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